All Aboard The Skytrain!

Went to a local airshow a couple of weeks ago and found, among many other cool things, this C-47 Skytrain. This is the military version of the famous Douglas DC-3 that revolutionized passenger air travel in the ’30s and ’40s with unmatched speed and range for it’s day, able to cross the U.S. with only three stops to refuel.


FG-1D Corsair Touches Down

Our local airport sponsored a small airshow a couple of weeks ago, so I took the kids and my camera and headed out.  One of the highlights for me was this plane, the FG-1D Corsair. The Corsair was one of the most successful fighters of World War II, and turned the tide in the Pacific Theater against the Japanese Zero.

The FG variant was built by Goodyear in their plant in Akron, OH, where my dad spent most of the war years installing the engines in these great planes.