LOVE On The Tracks

I had a rare opportunity to wander about by myself with my camera last Friday evening and ended up in Old Town Manassas by the pavilion where there is a small railroad display. The Virginia Tourism Corporation has set up these LOVE displays all over the state to encourage vacationers to spend their time and money in Virginia. Evidently it’s working, as their Facebook page says more than a few folks are trying to photograph themselves at all of the LOVE signs around the state.


Fauquier Co. Courthouse, Warrenton, VA

The present structure, dating from the early 20th century, is a near-identical replica of the original 1790 building, which was gutted in 1909 when a fire destroyed about half the town.

Warrenton was named after Joseph Warren, a doctor and general in the American army during the Revolutionary War.  He was the commander who sent Paul Revere on his famous midnight ride.

Fill ‘er Up?

At one time this might have been the happening place along this stretch of Route 32 near Davis, WV.  But not anymore.  I’m through here about once a year and it gets a little more dilapidated every time.

Took this back in June on the annual family trip to Canaan Valley in West Virginia.  

This is Jack

He’s my boy, and I love his innocence. He has no conception that as a boy he should like certain things and not like others, he just likes what he likes. He’s as happy having tea with his little sister as he was when he earned his first belt in karate. I hope he stays that way.

And no, he doesn’t pose.  I just caught him while he was entranced by SpongeBob.